Revaléskin Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Dr. Wyatt has composed a suite of Revaléskin® products she prefers and uses herself. These are the products we sell in our office, and offer for sale online through the Revaléskin® website on our Products Page. However, should she recommend a product we do not normally stock, you may order it through the Revaléskin® website by clicking the link below and using Dr. Wyatt's physician code which is AWYA2834 and last name.

Please do not purchase or use any of the products available on the website without consulting with Dr. Wyatt first. Please do not hesitate to call for an appointment before ordering or using any of the Revaléskin® products offered for sale on their website.

UPDATE: as of March 7, 2011 Stiefel the maker of REVALÉSKIN products has discontinued web ordering. They are currently retooling their system for 2011. When we have more news, I will post and update.