What Is It?

Filler is a general term used to describe a group of products that provide volume enhancement. It is different than BOTOX®, which helps to minimize lines created by strong facial muscles. Fillers help to soften lines that develop as a result of lost facial volume. With time, we all lose some of the underlying structure and volume of the face. Some may develop more pronounced smile lines around the mouth, or flattened cheeks. Others may notice hollows under the eyes, or over the temples. The various FDA approved fillers each have unique characteristics enabling them to provide safe and beautiful results alone or in combination. Due to the exciting new products available today, surgery is usually not necessary. These products, delivered by an experienced physician, give people a safer less expensive option with less recovery time.

How It Works

Fillers literally fill in the missing volume to create a softer, fuller, and less wrinkled surface. These products are able to target a very focused area such as lip definition, or they can be used more globally acting as a liquid face lift.

Where Can It Be Used?

These products can be used in the following areas: smile lines around the mouth, or parentheses; lines between the eyebrow; cheeks and chin acting like a cheek or chin implant; under eye hollows; temples; eyebrow area for shaping and lifting the upper eyelids; nose reshaping, lip definition of the borders with or without adding volume to thin or uneven lips; corners of the mouth to create a lifted and more neutral position; the jawline to create a more streamlined and lifted profile; earlobes; backs of the hands; scars.

About the Treatment

After spending time together to determine your goals and how to best meet those goals within your budget, the treatment area is carefully washed and pre-treatment photographs are taken. Local anesthesia is applied, either with a topical numbing cream or with small injections. Then, the filler material in carefully injected under the skin. For some areas a special, less painful technique is used to insert the material through the mouth. Because those injections are performed from inside the mount, it avoids the immediate trauma to the facial skin from the needle. Before, during, and after this medical procedure, ice packs are applied to the skin. Finally, post-treatment photographs are taken, and we schedule a follow-up appointment approximately two weeks later to evaluate the results.

How Long Does it Take?

This in office procedure takes very little time, usually between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the area or areas being treated.

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