Send Us Messages Through The Patient Portal

Post date: Aug 14, 2014 4:4:16 AM

Patient Portal

Here at Dr. Wyatt's office, we use Athena Health as our Electronic Medical Record System (EMR). One feature that Athena provides patients is the ability to securely message the office at any time of the day or night weekday or weekend. All you need to do is register for portal access using the link in the navigation pane or click here.

Once registered you will be able to ask the doctors questions regarding your health, request prescription refills, obtain lab results, and see your health history and medical records. Our staff is able to reply to your requests directly from your chart in the EMR and you will receive an email notification once they do.

Patients using the portal rather than calling the office allows us to respond to your needs quickly and more efficiently. It allows you to request and receive care when convenient for you all without having to call the office. Give it a try, we think this is definitely a case of technology empowering patients.