Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

Post date: Nov 28, 2012 5:26:51 PM

We are very excited to introduce a project we have been working towards for a very long time: laser hair reduction. We have purchased a laser hair machine from one of the most reputable laser manufacturers on the market today and we're now scheduling appointments. The brand new Palomar Vectus is one of the fastest, most effective, and most comfortable laser hair machines available.

The Treatment

Dr. Wyatt is very concerned not only with providing an effective treatment, but also with making sure that treatment is the absolute safest it can be. Which is why Dr. Wyatt personally evaluates each and every patient before they receive treatment including setting and verifying the machine and performing test spot evaluations to confirm. She is also physically on site while the treatment is being performed in case of any complications. Our extremely capable licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician Kanani Kuamoo will be performing the treatments in conjunction with Dr. Wyatt.

The Palomar Vectus

When purchasing a machine to remove hair, there are really only two options. A true laser like the Vectus, or an Intense Pulse Light machine like Palomar's Icon. The IPL is the more versatile machine in that in has hand pieces that emit light at different wavelengths. By changing hand pieces the physician can treat many different problem areas. This versatility is also the IPLs drawback when treating hair. The IPL emits a broader spectrum of light energy, most of which goes to waste when targeting hair. A true laser device, like the Vectus, emits light at one specific wavelength targeted specifically at hair and melanin. The Vectus does not treat acne, does not treat veins, does not do photo facials, does not do anything except: remove hair and melanin. It does this exceedingly well. Because it specifically targets melanin, treatments can be performed with less power resulting in more comfort. The Vectus also features the largest treatment spot size available today resulting in very fast treatments. As you can tell, we're excited about this machine and it's capabilities.

The Cost

Laser hair reduction typically required three to six treatments depending on the area being treated and the individual patient. Rather than offer bundled treatments packages, we are pricing each treatment individually. This pricing structure allows you to pay for exactly what you need. If you only need one treatment, you only pay for one treatment. If you need six treatments, you pay for exactly six treatments. You pay as you go for each treatment received. Call us about pricing, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.