New Frontiers Natural Marketplace Talk

Post date: Apr 15, 2011 10:13:23 PM

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace presents:

“Anti-Aging Naturally”

Dewy. Fresh. Youthful.

Discover how you can retain lovely skin and prevent the obvious signs of aging, Thursday, May 12, 6pm at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace with dermatologist, Angela Wyatt, M.D. Find out which natural products can really improve the appearance of your skin, what ingredients to look for in a sun screen and get anti-aging tips.

Angela Wyatt, M.D. will also answer your questions and discuss dietary supplements that help your skin keep its’ healthy glow.

Angela Wyatt, M.D. has been a dermatologist since 2005 and opened her office in Flagstaff in 2009

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