A Request Regarding Social Media and Reviews

Post date: Feb 24, 2020 10:51:17 PM

Many of you have taken the time to post your positive experiences with our staff and Dr. Wyatt to review sites and social media. For that, we thank you. Those positive reviews really help the staff and especially Dr. Wyatt know how much you appreciate their care and hard work.

Lately, we've also been receiving some negative reviews. I have personally spoken to some of those patients in an effort to resolve their issues. Some of those reviews do not accurately reflect the situation as it happened in the office or the conversation as it happened via phone. For example, if we offer a patient appointment.

"We can get you in next Wednesday at 10:00am for a work in appointment"

"That doesn't work for me", replies the patient.

"Unfortunately, we don't have anything else besides that for the next three months"

The one star review ends up reading, "I can't believe Dr. Wyatt doesn't care about her patients! She couldn't get me in for three months!!"

We've even had people post negative reviews because they refused to wait for an appointment. That's like posting a negative review for a movie you didn't see because all the tickets were sold out!

Due to the legal restrictions of HIPAA, we are unable to defend ourselves online by posting the actual account of events or phone calls.

The only option we have is it ask our satisfied, appreciative patients to please post a quick review of your experience with our staff and Dr. Wyatt. If you would take a moment to do this, we would be extremely appreciative. Thank you!