We are very excited to offer our services as a fully equipped dermatopathology laboratory. If you are a physician currently sending your skin biopsies to an out of town or national lab, we want your business! We believe we can provide better service and faster turnaround time than any national lab. We provide personalized local service with a physician with whom you can personally consult with any questions. There is a huge benefit to working with a Board Certified Dermatopathologist, who also works as a clinician, understanding your clinical needs and the impact of a diagnosis on the patient.

What We Have to Offer

    • 24 hour turn around time on most cases

    • Tissue processing, embedding, and mounting

    • Standard H&E staining, as well as special stains to aid in diagnosis

    • We process tissue in house to directly oversee exceptional quality. Immunohistochemistry services are available when necessary.

    • Fax or email reporting

    • Local service and support

How It Works

    • We deliver to you pre-filled formalin specimen containers, personalized requisition forms, and pre-labled shipping containers

    • You perform the biopsy, fill out the requisition form, and drop the specimen container and paperwork in the shipping container

    • Pick up will be from your office on whatever schedule you like (daily, bi-weekly, etc) at no charge to you whether you have specimens that day or not.

    • 24 hours later we fax or email you a complete pathology report

Dr. Wyatt is a board certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist and brings with her experience as a lab director at her former practice. She sees patients daily which allows her to provide you with excellent clinical pathologic correlation. She prides herself on fast turnaround time and detailed reporting. Dr. Wyatt is always available to speak with you personally concerning your cases and will make sure you are completely satisfied with the diagnosis and report.

Processing tissue in house allows us to maintain extremely high process quality control in order to make sure your patients receive the best possible care. We are CLIA certified and all aspects of the lab are overseen by Dr. Wyatt.

We are more than happy to come to your practice to meet with you personally in order discuss your skin pathology needs. Please call us at (928)779-6923 to schedule a meeting.

Review Course

Dr. Wyatt prepares and administers an annual Dermatopathology Board Review Course in Houston, Texas. This course is provided absolutely free of charge to residents preparing to take their Dermatology Board Certification exams. Please contact our office if you are interested in attending this course. Please take a moment to read some testimonials about the course.